Parent Information

Many of the things you will need to know about Waikerie Primary School will be found in our:

We expect students to wear the school uniform. Details of this can be found in our:
Our students and their families have access to a Pastoral Support Worker.

Policies & Procedures

Other school policies and procedures which you may find helpful are:


Student participation in decision making is actively promoted through class meetings and Student Voice. Regular assemblies are attended by parents/caregivers and community members and provide the students with the opportunity to show their work and share their successes.

The School Community Code of Conduct outlines the school values for our whole school community and also the procedure to follow if you have a concern.

Our Behaviour Support Process  outlines the proactive strategies and responses to inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour.


At Waikerie Primary School we believe that student’s social and emotional learning (SEL) is an integral part of our work. Our Student Wellbeing and Engagement Plan is a pro-active approach to ensure we work towards developing a caring, calm and safe environment for all members of the school community. All members need acknowledgement that they are valued and possess a sense of belonging. We aim to nurture the academic, emotional, physical and social growth of students.