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Owen Primary is a small R-Year 7 school situated in the centre of a grain growing district located in South Australia’s mid-north. We strive to meet our values of achievement, caring and excellence in all aspects of school life. Small class sizes and a deep understanding of individual learning needs means that students are in the best possible environment to reach their full potential. Student engagement in Literacy and Numeracy programs is underpinned by a solid intervention and support program, using a ‘Tiers of Intervention’ approach.

Students are provided with a variety of rigorous learning experiences, linked to personal growth and academic development. Owen Primary School is an integral part of the local community having strong links with community and sporting organisations. We participate in social and environmental activities whenever possible. Our school maintains a strong and proud tradition of local identity, allegiance and independence. We focus on continuous improvement across all aspects of our work, while being accountable, responsive and innovative in order to raise student learning outcomes in accordance with the Australian Curriculum.







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Term 3, Week 10

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Term 1, Week 3

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To be a Caring School Community.

To have created an exemplary environment in which people work independently and interdependently, where students have achieved their personal best as a result of planned interventions based on need and students have a high degree of ownership for their own learning.

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