Parent Information

Owen Primary School is a delightful rural school, with a dedicated staff who work to ensure the best educational outcomes for each individual student. The school has strong connections to the community, and students benefit from positive family support and involvement in the school.

Staff have a clear knowledge of each student’s learning needs, this knowledge is gathered in a number of ways including.

  • Talking with each other about our perceptions of each child as a learner,
  • Listening to parents and carers as the first educators of their children,
  • Listening to and observing students as they work,
  • Developing individual learning plans for students as necessary,
  • Use of regular diagnostic assessments to ensure we have ongoing data about students literacy and numeracy skills, knowledge and understandings,
  • Using the information from diagnostic assessments and staff perceptions to ensure each child receives the learning support they need in all curriculum areas.

Please see the ‘Family Charter’ and ‘Working with families to provide quality education to the students of Owen Primary School’ documents with this information package.

Parents are Valued

What you think is important to us. There are a number of ways parent and carers can influence education at Owen Primary School and provide valuable support to the school.

  • You are welcome to make an appointment with your child’s teachers to discuss individual learning needs,
  • Join the Parents and Friends Group,
  • Become a member of the Governing Council,
  • Attend pupil free days and staff professional learning sessions when invited,
  • Complete school surveys when invited to,
  • Make an appointment to talk with the Principal.

We invite you to enjoy this year’s learning journey with staff and students.

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