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Owen Primary School is a small rural school situated 72km north of Adelaide in the Adelaide plains of South Australia. The school familial background consists of a rural farming community as well as local residents who reside and work in the town and nearby areas. Establishing, developing and maintaining meaningful interactions with families, school and the community is a focus.

Staff at Owen Primary School believe that every child can achieve and the school strives for continuous improvement in service and performance, whilst being accountable, responsive and innovative in order to raise expectations. The school has a strong focus on monitoring student learning outcomes and supporting every individual student’s learning growth as evidenced by student learning outcome data. There is strong parent and community interest in, and support of all aspects of school life at Owen Primary School.

Since 2015 all staff have been part of the visible learning journey with a major focus being on feedback and in particular staff giving more effective and efficient feedback to students as well as students learning to give themselves and fellow peers effective feedback about their learning. The ultimate goal is to have all staff and students able to give each other feedback about each other’s teaching and learning. The school is working on making sure all learning intentions and success criteria are clear and ensuring that all classrooms are a safe environment that allows students be able to engage in this feedback process.

Student voice is heard through our Student Representative Council and this council is elected by their peers.

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